How Parents are willing for NLP coaching

February 6, 2019

 a digital testimony  This is case where parents sent their kids for counselling, when they were told  that parents need a few coaching session they agreed


NLP is Popular and criticized equally Why ?

January 4, 2019

NLP is criticized and blamed equally  throughout the world. Dr P T Sunderam in his interview in English and Tamil language  explains to his NLP students, the reasons for popularity and criticism form his vast 2 decades of experience


An in depth interview,what is NLP for housewife

January 2, 2019

How NLp is useful for house wife ?  NLP maser mind group/ young  mothers/ trainers/ entrepreneurs/ Annual year 2018 review/ 2019 Goal setting  coverage of25 to27 jan 2018 NLP Training at Chennai


NLP goal setting anchor way 2019

December 31, 2018

 we had completed 2018 review with 5 nlp master mind groups ( mothers< executives, entrepreneurs, couples, and trainers. we anchored NLP Journal  and refueled the 2018 to 2019


NLP Mentoring Dr P T S clarifies teen suicide case Tamil

December 18, 2018

This is an nLp practitioners the possible reason for teen  suicide  NLp psychology( poor parenting)


NLP Helps U to Battery charge yourself

December 15, 2018

For Upcoming NLP basic Practitioner training ( Tamil & English) at Chennai Dec 21 to Dec23 a few of Prospective questions  are answered


NLP Thought Types and Types Clarence Techniques -Tamil

December 7, 2018

Dr P T Sunderam talks in Tamil language on types of thoughts and How NLP ers clear such negative thoughts, Next NLP Training in Tamil Dec21 to23 at Chennai


NLP coaching exercise

November 26, 2018

Dr P T sunderam share how to align ur goals , with mind, heart and body centers using NLP enneagram case example


NLP coaching sharpens unconscious power

November 24, 2018

Dr P T sunderam share the difference between processed thought and completed thoughts using NLP enneagram case example